Promoting Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards

The OASIS seal

OASIS stands for "Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards".

It is a 501(c)6 Mutual Benefit Trade Association designed to represent the concerns and goals of companies that make sustainable and organic products for the health and beauty industry.

Organic Seal

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OASIS announces the first organic standard for the US beauty and personal care market, bringing clarity to consumer confusion around organic product claims - with a certification seal that will become the internationally accepted seal representing verified Organic standards for personal care. The only "industry consensus" standard with the support of 30 founding members.

According to Nutrition Business Journal, the organic beauty and personal care industry has been growing rapidly, at 15% for the past 15 years. At the end of 2007, US sales of organic personal care products approached $9 billion representing approximately 15% of the personal care market.

 As more and more products claim to be "organic", the potential for consumer confusion also rises. This is compounded by the existence of disparate regulatory seals in the marketplace.

 OASIS is an industry consensus standard, the result of a deeply committed group of people - suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, etc. - working to set standards and clarity in the dynamic and fast-growing field of organic beauty and personal care products. Its members range from large, global brands and private label manufactures to smaller, specialty brands and raw ingredient suppliers.

Until today, the USA has not had a dedicated organic standard for the beauty and personal care industry. In absence of a true industry standard, companies attempted to apply the USDA NOP (National Organic Program) Organic food standard for beauty and personal care ingredients and products. But the USDA"s food standards were never designed for this industry, and limit certain types of "green chemistry" posing significant challenges for those seeking to create certified organic products.

ECOCERT is the current prevailing European standard and certification is predicated on a minimum of 10% certified organic content.  At launch time, OASIS will require 85% certified organic content - which will likely increase as "green chemistry" continues to evolve.

OASIS has benefited from their experience with ECOCERT and USDA-NOP and aims to improve standards to the benefit of the manufacturer, the consumer, and, most importantly, to our living planet Earth with Global standardization of the organic and sustainable beauty and personal care industry an end goal. OASIS will take an active roll in the development of an industry standards at the international level.

The Organic Standard is the first of several standards (i.e., packaging) that OASIS plans to create to support and protect organic and sustainable consumer goods.

OASIS will bring credibility to the current chaos in the organic beauty and personal care industry. Look for the OASIS Organic seal - your assurance of a verifiable, Certified Organic personal care product.

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