Organic Production Standard

NEW Standard now available

Organic SealThis Standard will certify products to two levels:

The "made with organic" will start and remain at a 70% minimum organic content with additional criteria for the remaining 30% of ingredients.

The "organic" label claim will start at 85% until Jan. 2010, then it will shift to 90% and to 95% two years later.  It will take at least two years for surfactant and emulsifier manufacturers to get enough products into the commercial stream to supply us with "organic" versions of functional ingredients. Products that would never be able to achieve the 95% level, like soap, must use the "made with organic" claim.

Since one of the goals of OASIS is to use more organic raw materials in these sorts of ingredients, the market needs to work with the "chemical" manufacturers to achieve these goals.


How can I get certified to the Organic Production Standard?